At a time when agricultural and industrial intensity is pressuring our soils and causing deficiencies in soil organic matter, EarthRenew is responding to the challenge with our Natural Hybrid Fertilizers™.

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Chemical fertilizers play a fundamental role in replacing nutrients that crops remove from the soil, but their effectiveness depends on soil organic matter.  When soil organic matter is depleted, fertilizer uptake by plants is reduced over time, causing a continual spiral of higher chemical fertilizer demand and less productive farmlands.

Our Organic Matter Fertilizers™ are an excellent source of soil organic matter and nutrients.  They increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizer plant uptake by holding nutrients at the root zone and making them available to the plant throughout the growing season. They also improve water retention and availability over the growing cycle and enhance soil fertility through the slow release of organically bound nutrient reserves.

The result? Higher gross margins for our customers, better quality crops, improved farming soils, and less environmental impact on our soils, water, air and food.

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