EarthRenew’s products can help land repair experts restore damaged soils in their reclamation and remediation efforts.

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Industrial processes – including mining, road and railway building, pipelines, forestry, access roads, and the building and maintaining of right of ways – disturb and damage soils.

Land repair includes both reclamation and remediation. Reclamation is the restoration of disturbed land to an "as good as or better" state than its original condition before it was used for industrial purposes.  Remediation is the removal or neutralizing of potentially toxic materials or contaminants (such as hydrocarbons, chemicals or salts) from soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water for the general protection of human health and the environment or from a brownfield site intended for redevelopment.

Because the first result of any type of land disturbance is the loss or dilution of soil organic matter, replenishing it is essential to re-establish proper drainage and the ability of plants to grow.

Thanks to our highly concentrated organic matter products and nutrients, EarthRenew can help repair soils without risk and in the quickest and most economical matter possible.

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