WaterRenew™ technologies reclaim contaminated water and soils from tailing ponds in oil sands, mining and coal processing operation.

Oil Sands Brochure
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It takes between two and three barrels of water to produce one barrel of synthetic crude. The remaining waste, known as tailings, contains the remaining water mixed and fine clay.

Applying the same basic technologies as used in our core WasteRenew™ Facilities, we have designed systems to recover and reclaim water and materials from tailing ponds in oil sands operations, mining operations and coal processing operations, thereby providing tremendous environmental benefits in an energy-efficient manner not previously possible.   

EarthRenew’s technologies can provide total remediation solutions. After dewatering the slurry from tailing ponds of oil sands or mines, the resulting output – clay, silt, organic material, metals, etc. – can be reclaimed by adding SoilRenew™ products to the waste material to build a soil base for viable plant growth.

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